Monday, July 23, 2012

Such a busy week

So much to do and so little time.

This week is ward camp.  It started on the 20th and runs through the 25th.  There's fun and games and friends and food and it is great.  We really didn't know what to expect and weren't really planning on doing much more than popping up our tents and popping in and out for activities and beach time but we are spending a lot more time there than that.  In fact, we are spending every spare minute there.

Dave still has to work this week and is busy teaching some new classes in addition to his usual Career Services workload.  

I have been coming home every day to work on four bridesmaids dresses that I've been contracted to sew. This morning I have finally gotten them all to the point of the first fitting. I'll fit the girls Wednesday or Thursday and then I will finish the sewing once I am moved in to our new house.

We are "supposed" to begin moving today.  But with ward camp, new classes and sewing we have not done any moving prep yet.  That will have to be put off another day or two.  It will be a whirlwind move.  Fortunately we don't have a whole heck of a lot of stuff--at least compared to what we used to have.  The big move will occur on Saturday afternoon and evening.

Tomorrow Cora has an orthodontist appointment in town.  While I'm there we will also be doing the girls' back to school shopping.  They get $100 each to spend on clothes.  They want to go to Ross and TJ Maxx to get the biggest bang for their buck :-).  Good girls.  We will also have to stop in at Costco and Walmart, as well as Goodwill. I have a surprisingly large pile of give aways that I want to get rid of before I move. Another thing I want to get rid of before moving is ants and cockroaches.  I will be purchasing a bug bomb while in town and will set that overnight Tuesday while we spend our last night at camp.

Wednesday is cleaning check for the student apartments that I am managing at the new house.  It is also camp clean up day.  I think this is the day that we will begin the move in earnest.  Our camp stuff will go straight to the new house and we'll start emptying the garage. I have not been surfing in a few days and so I am hoping that we can get some surfing in on Wednesday also.

Thursday and Friday will be packing and moving. Before I move my printer, however, I need to print up some business cards.  School starts on Monday (YES, Monday!) and I need to get my substitute cards into the teacher's boxes before the weekend.  And yes, substitutes often get calls even in the first week of school.  I want to be prepared.

Saturday we have a funeral to attend for our friend Clayton Hubner.  After that we will finish emptying the old house and begin cleaning it out.

Sunday. Rest, kinda.  It will be our last week attending our old ward and our first day in our new house. It will also be the day before school starts.  We will need to fill backpacks, make lunches, set out clothes, take showers and get to bed early.

The first day of school this year is July 30th. That is next Monday.  If I don't get a call to sub--it could happen--I will spend my day cleaning out the old place and hopefully surfing with some girlfriends.  A perfect way to "mourn" our kids return to school.

Tuesday the 31st is my final day for cleaning, if necessary. It will also be the day we say goodbye to our friend Daniel.  He has been with us for a month and it has been so much fun having another kid in the house.  We will miss him so much! On the way home from the airport I have to pick up a truckload of mulch in Kailua.  The mulch is for the school farm/garden.

When August hits on Wednesday I can breathe a big sigh of relief and get back to my more normal to do list items. This is what I have on my list for August:
  • Pay bills.
  • Complete bridesmaids dresses.
  • Make a christening gown for Dacia's  baby girl.
  • Continue physical therapy and training for 5K trail run in October.
  • Sew a couple shirts (mock-ups)  for Dave's new line of clothing.
  • Make some skinny jeans and T-shirts for the girls with the fabric they picked out a few weeks ago.
  • Organize my new house.
  • Plant my potted plants into my new garden.
  • Plan the school garden activities for Open House.
  • Begin training for a sprint triathalon in February.
  • Try making Yogurt.
  • Hopefully get a few jobs substitute teaching.

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