Thursday, July 12, 2012

Picking Pineapple

We picked our first pineapple this week. Brighton and Kirra have been dying to pick it since the beginning of the summer (we all have been dying to pick it) but it didn't start turning yellow until last week. Everytime the little girls are over they check my plants for ripe strawberries and tomatoes, eat them and then try to tug my pineapple off the stem. Today we cut it off with a big knife.

It was a very tiny pineapple but considering it was growing inside an old laundry detergent container I'm pleased it had roots enough to grow anything at all.

We cut it up and had it for a snack at dinner.  We had exactly 6 slices--a little taste for everyone.  It was not the best pineapple I've ever had unfortunately.  It was quite acidic and the flavor was a little dirty (does that make sense?) I'll have to do some research on fertilizers, watering, soil conditions, etc. So that my other pineapples taste better and grow bigger than this one.

But still, isn't it amazing, I grew my own pineapple!

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  1. Where is the "Like" button when you need it? Good job!


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