Monday, July 02, 2012

Did it!

Don't feel like I am accomplishing much lately.  Blogging has been on my to-do list for weeks and my post ideas are backing up. When I finally get some time to sit and work on it you will have a LOT of reading material.

I am also backlogged on sewing projects and laundry and my menu for July is not yet written out. I was supposed to organize a Laie Elementary School Garden Committee Meeting a few weeks ago and haven't done it yet.  I need to pick up moving boxes, spray my garden (and my friends' garden) for aphids and whiteflies. Call the Hawaii Department of Ed about two missing days on my pay check. Pack my house. And so many more things.

What have I been doing? I have been doing a lot of sewing. I have been learning my new apartment managing job (for the new house we're moving to). I have been babysitting two adorable little girls several days a week. I forgot how much time little ones take, even when I've got the help of the big kids.

When I do get around to a little more blogging here are some of the posts you can expect:

  • Dave visits Vegas
  • Dave's trip to Korea
  • Watermelon Sorbet recipe
  • Oatmeal Bread recipe
  • How to make a fuzzy Lei
  • How to take-in the waist of your favorite jeans
  • More jeans fixes
  • handmade gifts: pajama pants
  • my big bruise
  • handmade gifts: father's day ties
  • Shopping in Hawaii--tips and links
  • Shopping in Hawaii--price list
  • New Pattern making software
  • Play Dates at the beach
Also coming up is Afton's 12th birthday (on July 5th), Daniel Tomlinson's month long visit (beginning July 5th), and Heath's 16th birthday (on July 7th)! And if you're interested I might even share my goals for running my first 5K . . . .

Phew, I did it! I finally snuck a post in.

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