Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Celebrating 18 Years

For the last 10 years or so Dave and I have been taking turns planning our anniversary celebration. This year was Dave's turn (we think, we couldn't remember who planned last year.  Don't think we did anything last year with the craziness of the move and the new job.). Dave planned a day of surfing.

I have been wanting to surf at Waikiki ever since I heard about the long rights that they've got over there (I still have a hard time turning left).  Dave went with a group of friends at the beginning of the summer but that was the week I was sick.  I had to stay home and sleep.

Sickness almost got the better of our plans this time too.  Afton was throwing up the night before.  Fortunately she was feeling mostly better by morning. She babysat herself and Cora all day.  The boys were off to their first day of EFY. Dave and I left about 8:30am.

By 9:30 we were not on the beach. We were at Kaimuki Dry Goods! A fabric store that I have been wanting to go to but had never taken the time to drive clear over to.  What a good husband I have! We spent about 30 minutes or so browsing through the store.  He was looking for nylon "gear" fabrics, and some fabric to make some shirts out of.  I was looking for school clothes fabrics and some good silks for ties. We both found stuff we liked but the prices were extremely high.  We didn't want them that bad. At least not right now--maybe another day.

We drove into Waikiki and cruised a few surf spots. We took a good look at "Ala Moana" and "Courts" and then decided to go back down the beach to "Kaisers" and "Rock Piles at Ala Moana". It took a little bit to find parking but when we found it it was the perfect spot, just steps from where we wanted to put our boards in at.

It is always a little scary, at least for me, to surf a new spot for the first time.  You don't know the depth, the rocks, the hazards, the wildlife, nor the local attitudes until you get out in the water. We lucked out with the spot we chose.  I sat off to the side for a while getting used to the waves and watching where they broke and what direction people were paddling into them and where they were catching them. After about 40 minutes of actively watching and waiting and testing and talking to the other surfers already there, I paddled into my first wave and caught it. A good ride.

The next two hours flew by fast. The warm sun and steady rhythm of the rolling waves in combination with the intense concentration on the horizon searching for the next big swell always draws me into a somewhat meditative state where I loose all sense of time. I forget to be hungry, I forget to be thirsty, I forget that my body hurts.  I forget everything except the next wave. 

When I start missing waves because my body is too tired to continue paddling I make my way into shore. Today Dave stayed out longer. I lay out on the beach to dry off and try to catch my breath. When he comes in and is dry and has caught his breath we decide to walk down the beach. We walk past all the hotels and I was amazed at how many people are there. All Tourists!

We window shopped at a bunch of the very fine and expensive stores down town and stopped for a great panini and a drink at a little cafe. We watched the tourists and then walked some more.  We walked back to the beach we had parked at and decided to take a little nap there before leaving. It was surprisingly easy to fall asleep with so many people around. I was tired.

Next Dave took me to Dairy Queen. I LOVE blizzards and especially the Hawaiian Blizzard and it is so far from home that we haven't indulged since we've been here.  So nice of Dave to surprise me with that delicious treat.

We were going to go in for a movie and dinner but didn't find any movies we wanted to watch so instead we decided to do some more shopping, this time at stores we could afford. There was a brand new TJ Maxx just down from the Dairy Queen as well as a Petco and a Walmart.  We grabbed a few things we'd been needing/wanting--including some fabric and thread at Walmart. Dave found two fabrics he liked that were on clearance for $1/yard! Sweet Deal!

By the time we were done with that shopping it was 7:30pm. We to get gas at Costco (best price on the island) and we can't stop near Costco without going in.  We browsed through some audio systems and some clothes and books, grabbed some produce and some M&M's and then decided to split a Turkey Wrap for dinner. 

Our whole day was simple and delicious and fun. We got home by 9pm just in time to tuck the girls into bed and greet the boys when they got home from EFY an hour later. I am so grateful for my wonderful husband who planned such a nice relaxing day to be together.  I look forward to everything the next 18 years has to offer.

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  1. That sounds like a dream date to me! Happy Anniversary!!


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