Tuesday, June 19, 2012

PT Update

So I didn't run on a treadmill at Physical Therapy today but I did get upgraded. Beginning immediately I am to do my hip exercises with weights. A whopping one pound weight. It doesn't sound like much but I had to do all the exercises there and I was S-O-R-E when I left. (probably didn't help that my morning workout was squats and yesterday's workout was lunges)

I am also supposed to do a 10-15 minute elliptical workout every other day and instead of doing regular bridges I have to do kick-out bridges. The kick-out bridge is especially difficult for me. For a regular bridge you lay on your back with your arms wherever and your knees bent and then you push your hips and stomach towards the ceiling.

For the kick-out bridge after lifting your hips you kick-out one of your feet and lift it to parallel with your other knee. No problem when the weak leg kicks. Big problem when the strong leg kicks and the weak leg has to support and balance in that awkward position. Did I mention that I also have to keep my hands straight up in the air forcing my leg to do every last bit of balancing that I can't control through my shoulder blades?

All for the want of running.

Also met with the Doc today and he wants me to come back in 6 weeks to check on the progress of the physical therapy.  Within a few days of my appointment I am to attempt running, or jogging, or shuffling, and report on how it feels, if it hurts and where it hurts.

Speaking of hurts, while I was there he was manipulating my leg and poking and prodding me-- "Does that hurt?", "How does that feel?", "Any pressure there?"--and he poked a spot on the side of my hip that made me almost jump off the table.  He checked the other side and the reaction was nowhere near the same. Apparently it is a sign of a tight/injured IT band. . . .I've got no idea what that means.

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