Monday, June 18, 2012

Moving Again

Found a new place to move and save some money.  Rent is cheaper and for a further discount we will be managing student apartments on the bottom floor of the house. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a front room AND a family room, a large kitchen and dining room, plenty of storage, a large yard with banana, papaya and mango trees and plenty of room for gardening. It also comes with a piano and an organ! (I'm so excited, I haven't played in nearly a year and I'm dying for daily practice again.)

It is located one block away so we will still be near all our friends, the schools, work and local shopping. We will be in another ward (church congregation with boundaries organized by location) so that will be a little sad but also an opportunity to make new friends.

We will be moving out the last week of July--the same week school starts--a little less than 6 weeks away. Our friend Daniel will be in town so we will have some extra muscle for the heavy lifting. We will be starting our moving preparations this week with--you guessed it--a moving sale on Saturday. Over the next month and a half we will also do our best to eat up everything in the fridge and many things in the pantry.  The fewer items we have to tote over the better.

We also have a few home improvement items here that need to be done before we move.  We are being allowed to do them  to reduce our July rent. We will be replacing a leaky kitchen faucet and fixing a leaky toilet.

We've got a busy 6 weeks ahead.


  1. I'm so happy that you found a place. It sounds bigger, too! I LOVE fruit trees in the yard (why else have trees?). Dan took weightlifting classes this year and can even pick ME up now, so you're right about the extra muscle! Will you still be able to go to Ward camp, though?

    1. I hear picking you up isn't that big of deal, Ms. Incredible Shrinking Woman! Yes, we will still be doing ward camp. May not stay overnight the whole time (ward camp is an entire week) because we don't have any tents. Ward camp is just down the street though so it will be easy to participate in activities even if we don't stay over.


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