Friday, June 01, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Good Morning and Happy Birthday to the bestest and my most favoritest mom in the whole world.  I hope you have a very happy day filled with sunshine, singing birds, pretty flowers, a nice walk, surprise visits from friends, a big juicy steak and baked potato, and something chocolate and delicious--all your favorite things. I hope you will also find in your mailbox a package with some new photos of your grandchildren.

I wish I could be there to give you a big hug and kiss and then take you for a long drive out to Watson's Nursery to pick out some new plants for your garden and look at all the knick knacks in the gift shop. I love you and miss you very much!

Your Darling Daughter Dani

PS Almost Forgot . . .as requested . . .Memories of my mother from my childhood

Like most little girls I loved to watch my mom put on her make up and put her hair up in rollers. It was always so magical to see her beautiful brown hair fall in warm waves around her shoulders when she was finished and to try to evade the Aquanet that followed.

I loved my moms beautiful singing voice especially when she was singing her mom's lullaby to me at night. And I thought it was especially thoughtful that she would "clear paths" through my room at night so she could walk straight to my bed without tripping over my many projects and creations I had left strewn about.

I can't pass a Fuschia, Dahlia, or Forget-me-not without thinking about my mom.  She always had Dahlia's growing in her front garden. She asked for Fuschia hanging baskets every Mother's Day. Forget-me-not's grew wild through most of the yard. She loves all beautiful things, especially flowers.

I remember the week she spent painting a big rainbow and apple tree and flower vines murals in my bedroom. I loved those pictures and the old antique dresser she bought at a garage sale and then fixed up to match. My girls still use that dresser.

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