Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Birthday and a Murder Mystery

Had a lot of fun this weekend celebrating Kirkham's 14th birthday with a Murder Mystery Party.  We joined forces with his friend Sierra--who just happens to share his birthday and many of his friends--hosting 20 teens for a memorable evening.

This was a perfect party for this group of friends. They are all very dramatic and creative spending hours together every Wednesday afternoon at Writer's club and also sharing 1st period Drama class all last school year. Most of the kids showed up in some sort of a costume, many tried to pull off accents, and even the shiest in the bunch ended up throwing themselves into their roles.

As a mom though, my favorite part of the night was sharing the costs and the responsibilities of so many kids with my friend, and Sierra's mom, Michelle.  She was an excellent hostess and party leader, keeping the kids on track and on time while I busied myself making pizzas and refilling lemonades. She provided appetizers and dessert, very delicious red velvet cupcakes--perfect for a murder I must say--and I provided homemade pizzas and drinks.

We also had lots of help from little sisters Afton, Cora, Kallie, and Arwen.  They all dressed up nice and played parts as convention hostesses, greeting guests, handing out clues, assisting Michelle and myself and of course watching and participating in many of the party games.


Today for Kirkham's actual birthday Cora made him a wonderful breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast. Afton packed him a delicious lunch to take to his first day of Jr. Lifeguard training at Ehukai Beach. I made him bean and cheese burritos for dinner (he changed his mind from Macaroni and Cheese).

We also sent him on a scavenger hunt around Laie.  At 6:15pm Afton handed him his first clue and then he chased the clues all over the place. He had to go to our neighbor's house and do pushups and jumping jacks, go to the park and climb a basketball hoop, go to the grocery store and try his luck at "the claw" machine, choose a movie from the redbox, and more.  He finally found his present taped to the back of his bedroom door . . . money to be used towards the purchase of some toys and gadgets he's been wanting.

I think it will be a memorable 14th birthday.

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