Friday, June 08, 2012

Daily Rate

You know I'm cheap so I don't think you'll be surprised when I tell you I have always had a hard and fast $79/night hotel rule. I also have a small addendum to that rule that breakfast must be included. I will not and have not ever paid more than $79 per night and have always gotten a free continental--or better--breakfast.

I also haven't stayed in hotels very often.

So you can imagine how shocked I was today when I realized that I pay more than that to LIVE here.

Here's what happened:
I got an email today from a friend who is renting her house here while she and her family vacation on the mainland. She rents her fully furnished, 4 bedroom house, with King Size bed, hot tub, master bedroom private balcony, steps away from the temple, snorkeling gear, kids toys, books, movies, satellite TV, wireless internet, everything AND her 7 passenger mini-van for a mere $75 per night.

As I was thinking about what a great deal that would be for my family and friends I started wondering what kind of a deal it would be for me. These are my computations:

  • I pay $1800/mo for rent (soon to be $2020, grrr) for my 2/3 bedroom unit (legally it is only a 2 bedroom unit but one of the rooms is large and has a partition which accommodates our need for 3 bedrooms)--$60/night
  • and around $400/mo for utilities (can you believe it's that high and I have neither heat nor air conditioning!)--$13/night
  • Included in that $400/mo is wireless internet but we don't get cable or satellite.  We have recently signed up for Netflix which will be $7.99/mo when our free first month expires.--26 cents/night
  • I recently spent $450 to register our truck for the year and will be spending another $25 or so to get it safety checked next week. In addition, annual maintenance costs and insurance average out to about $180 per month.--$7.30/night
Grand Total $80.56

OK, so it's only a little more--but still, more.

Beginning in August, when the rent goes up, it will be $87.89. (yes, I have looked into moving but haven't found a place that is available that will take a large family. Major housing shortages here are a huge bummer.)

Including Breakfast it will be $89.69  
(haha, yes I even know how much I spend on a breakfast)


  1. If we ever get out that way we are going to have to look up that friend of yours!!!

  2. You. Are. Awesome.
    Too bad you can't rent your friend's house year-round! Hope things improve soon. Just remember that the best things in life aren't things, and you already have the best things, so you have more than most! Love and miss you!

    1. As Kirkham would say, "true that!" I have a very blessed life and am so grateful for every bit of it. I am especially grateful for good friends like you Lisa! xoxoxo

    2. You got me to I did some calculations.....for our family of five.....we spend $39.11 per person per day to live here....that includes, food, tithing, utilities, entertainment, daycare expenses, gas, etc. etc that is $195.53 per day.....I have come to the conclusion that I need to live on a cruise ship....daily expenses per person per day are $94.56....and that is for, entertainment, travel, showers, electricity, TV, I would get to meet a new group of friends every single week. Hmmmmmmm....something to think about.

    3. In my calculations I did not include tithing, business expenses, entertainment, gas, groceries or anything else that I would continue paying exactly the same if I lived in a different house. My calculations were based solely on the expenses related to this house as if I were renting it furnished. And then I added the car the same way. I only totaled the cost of having the car--maintenance, insurance, registration--not the cost of using the car--gas.

      If you lived on a cruise ship I'm gonna assume you work on the cruise ship :). Let's pretend you paid the $94.56 and got all the luxuries of being a guest (food, entertainment, housing, etc) but then you got paid on top of that for your work--perhaps you privately contract on-ship daycare. You would still have tithing expenses, day-care expenses and possibly transportation, food, and entertainment expenses when you went on-shore.

      Anyways, I suppose the real moral to the story is life aint cheap and I've got to learn to stop calculating and start enjoying: do what is good for my family's body, mind, and soul and let the expenses fall where they may.


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