Thursday, June 07, 2012

Alligator Pond

Tuesday we spent a fun morning at Alligator Pond. Alligator Pond is in Hauula, just south of Laie. To get to Alligator Pond park your vehicle at the south end of Kokolio Beach park, walk across the field towards the shower and continue past it to the last beach path before the fence and houses. Once on the beach take a right and walk down to the point, it's maybe 300 yards down the beach.

Alligator pond is a lot of fun especially for little kids.  At low tide all the rocks are exposed to play on and the water is really shallow.  There are lots of little fish for the kids to chase with their goggles and snorkels and nets. Despite the name there are no alligators . . . the rocks look like an alligator.

Here Kirkham and Afton are standing on the nose of the alligator.
 When the tide is higher there is still plenty of shallow shoreline for the little ones and the end of the alligator's nose becomes the perfect spot for amateur rock jumping into the pool below. Bigger kids (and adults) like to dive in on the other side of the rocks to do more serious stuff like snorkeling and spear fishing.

 On this day we came to Alligator pond to entertain our new little friends Kirra and Brighton.  We are babysitting them this summer and are really enjoying having little ones around.

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