Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Very Long Day

I didn't get much sleep Monday night/Tuesday morning. Dave had kidney stone pains.  He thought he could keep it under control with the meds we had on hand from his last bout with the dreaded things. I was awakened several times in the night to him pacing in pain and at 3:30am he had had as much as he could take and he woke me to take him to the ER.

Going to the ER here is no small process.  We had to drive an hour to get there on a dark, bumpy, and windy two lane highway. It was an uncomfortable ride for Dave to say the least. We checked in at the front reception at 5am.

At about 11am Dave was discharged.  He was feeling pretty good thanks to the cocktail of prescriptions and we had a decision to make:  I had an appointment with my doctor--the orthopedic doc I've been waiting 6 weeks to see about my hip-- at 3pm, do I drive Dave home and drive right back for my appointment or do we kill 4 hours waiting for my appointment. We opted to wait.

We got ourselves some lunch at Wendy's. That took 30 minutes. We walked across the street to South Seas Motorcycle and tried to find a bike I would like (2011, Shadow Grey Suzuki 250). That took 30 minutes. Went down the street to the other motorcycle shop. That took 15 minutes--not a very impressive shop. We drove over to Costco and browsed. That took an hour. That killed 2 hours and 15 minutes. We couldn't think of anything else to do and still had 105 minutes to do it in.

(I know, I know, if YOU were stuck in Honolulu for four hours YOU would have no problem coming up with things you'd like to do.  Remember, we stumbled out of our house with no makeup, no shave, hair barely brushed, wearing sweats, and thinking about nothing beyond getting to the ER. We were not prepared to go see the USS Arizona or walk through a museum or window shop at Ala Moana.  And, I had just been in town Saturday to do all my big monthly shopping so I didn't even need to go to Walmart which we were totally dressed appropriately for.)

After sitting in the car for a while, staring blankly at each other, we overcame our exhaustion and decided to go see what was on Sand Island. We drove through heavy commercial/industrial areas to get there but were pleasantly surprised to find a state recreation area at the end of the road.

The park is a little run down but it is huge with ball fields, open fields, play areas, old towers and bunker mounds, and of course lots of beach.  After a long day it was very nice to walk over and put our feet in the refreshing water and feel the sun on our backs. I wished I had my bathing suit. We both wished we had our surfboards.

My doctor's appointment was fairly quick and pain free. After talking with me for a few minutes and running me through a short battery of physical tests Dr. Uhr had me get a second x-ray.  He said with my history it was unlikely that I had a fractured femur but that the symptoms all pointed to it.  The x-ray was clear and perfect. He set me up for some physical therapy and a follow up appointment. If my hip does not respond well to the physical therapy then I will go in for an MRI to pinpoint the problem.

I was satisfied with my appointment and look forward to physical therapy and getting back into running form. Time to go home.

When we got home the house was in shambles (of course).  The kids had gotten themselves up and off to school without us that morning and came home to an empty house so who would expect different? ME that's who.  I had left them with specific instructions and lists and chores that were simple and nothing beyond the ordinary routine.  I kinda blew up. I was exhausted.

Thankfully my wonderful visiting teacher Lois had just dropped off a beautiful fried chicken dinner with all the trimmings. So I didn't have to do anything for dinner and after dinner I forced the kids to do the work they were supposed to do earlier. Then it was bedtime, I thought.

That's when we found out that Heath needed help finishing up a project for school that was due the next day.  He had had a month to do it and waited until now to finish it and it was at least a three man job to get it done.  Dave and I stayed up to help him.

OK, to be honest I did not stay up the whole time. Some time around 10pm I fell asleep on the table. Dave moved me into my bed and continued helping Heath.  Just after midnight they woke me up to show me the final project. In my defense I had been up solid since 3:30am.  I tried to sleep in the hospital but who can sleep on those uncomfortable ER chairs? Dave on the other hand slept in the ER and on the drive home and as soon as we got home.  Thank goodness he was feeling up to helping Heath out.

Needless to say Wednesday morning I was exhausted and I skipped my workout for a second day.  I needed the sleep so I could make it through a day subbing in Kindergarten. I'm glad Tuesday is over and hope I can catch up on my sleep soon.

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