Monday, May 28, 2012

An Unexpected Compliment

The Friday before school got out I was stopped in the hall by the Elementary School Vice-Principal. I had just finished turning in my reports and keys and was walking towards my bike to leave for the day and at first I thought she was wanting to talk to me about an "incident" that had occurred in class the week before. She didn't.

She said, "I just wanted to thank you for being such a good substitute."

I was surprised and pleased. I smiled and thanked her for the compliment.  She continued, "I am the one that reads all those reports you are required to do and the teacher's always have good things to say about you and give you excellent marks."

That made me so happy! I haven't gotten any feedback all year and wasn't sure how I was doing.  I told her something to that effect.

Then she elaborated even more and told me that she has heard good things from the students too.  Her daughter had been in my class a week or two earlier.  That day the lesson plan ran out before the school day did and we had to improvise.

The students had just finished a unit on Greek Mythology and had presented that day a Greek play they had been preparing for for quite a while. I decided to read three short myths to the group and then each group would have 5 minutes to plan out an improv play based on one of the stories and then have 5 minutes to present it. These were 6th graders so I knew this would take a big sale to get them to buy in and participate.

I put my all into the dramatic reading and those 6th graders listened more intently than any kindergarten class I have ever taught. And then they presented the funniest 3 skits.  I thought it was awesome and apparently so did the VP's daughter who went home and told her mom all about it.

So cool! It's nice to know I'm doing ok.

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