Tuesday, May 01, 2012

A New Toy

I was so disturbed by the worm infestation yesterday that I forgot to show off our new toy. Over the weekend we purchased an old Honda CB-1, a 4 cylinder, 400cc motorcycle. Dave claims it will be a perfect bike for me and Heath to learn to ride on. Of course, he will be the one using it the majority of the time though.

We got it for under $1000, about what we would have paid for a decent scooter.  The kid we bought it from needed money for school (he attends UH) and he was sick of having to push start it all the time and didn't have the money to fix it.

Dave rode the bike all the way home from Town and along the way discovered there was also a fuel problem--a clogged fuel line? He spent Saturday tearing it apart and has determined that there was a clogged fuel line/fuel filter and the starter was bad.  He has ordered the parts and when all is said and done it will still be a smoking deal (that is, if that is truly all that is wrong with it.)

In the meantime we can still push start it to go for a ride; it's pretty light. I can't wait to learn how to ride. Kirkham wants me to ride it to school next time I sub at Kahuku High.


  1. I take a week off from checking your blog and here you go and start posting every day! A watched pot never boils, I guess. I remember May Day! We used to call it Lei Day. That's how I learned poi balls and many Hula dances when I was a kid. I never considered that somebody had to make all those costumes every year, but I do remember making our little seat cushions we used to sit on to watch the other classes perform. Thanks for bringing back some fond memories for me! And I hope your hip feels better soon. It's annoying to have a nagging pain that you can't figure out how to fix! Love your plants, and that pineapple...wow!

  2. Looks like a fun new toy! I love reading your blog Dani. Thank you for keeping up with it so regularly so we can keep up with the fam. We miss you guys! Tell the kids we think about them all the time! Love you guys!


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