Thursday, May 10, 2012

May's Menu

It seems like time is whizzing past.  I can't believe we've been here in Hawaii for nearly a year.  May 15th marks Dave's one year mark! So much has happened; good and bad, some things have changed and some have stayed the same.

I am getting more used to the prices here in Hawaii and can now buy a gallon of milk--for $4.99--without feeling sick to my stomach. You can tell by the menu that we are back to the same kind of food that we ate pre-move; we are not trying to skimp by eating ramen and cereal (actually both of which are quite a bit more expensive than what we do eat).

I am controlling the food budget by changing portion sizes.  Portion sizes are a bit smaller, more inline with suggested serving sizes, and we are leaning heavy on the sides like fruits and vegetables. Though they are more expensive than rice they are also healthier and keep everyone full and feeling better longer. 

I am also providing different snacks than before; things that keep people feeling full longer like cheese sticks, almonds, pop corn, and again lots of fruits and veggies.  We very rarely have desserts and goodies because one: the sugary goodness leaves you always wanting more sugary goodness, and two: sugar is stinking expensive.

Another way to keep the budget lower is we mainly drink water.  No juices (which are heavy on sugars and low in fiber anyways). No Sodas (OK maybe an occassional soda here or there but only once or twice a month). No Fresh milk for drinking (except for Dave, he is allowed to drink milk. LOL). The kids can drink as much reconstituted dry milk as they want--it is only $2 per gallon--and sometimes they like to mix some Nesquick into it.  But everyone has come to prefer water; we keep a large filter/dispenser in the fridge so it is always nice and cold and refreshing.

Don't worry mom, the kids get plenty of milk at school.  We still qualify for reduced breakfast and lunch at school so the kids get milk at both of those meals. School will be getting out this month and so I am anticipating a jump in my grocery bill for the summer.  This will also mean that I'll be back to making bread a couple times a week and will have to do more shopping for fresh produce (big sigh). I am so excited for summer and have already started a long list of all the things I plan on doing with the kids, hurray!

Sun 5/6--Breakfast for dinner-Spam, Egg and Cheese Biscuits
Mon 5/7--Mexican Monday-Nachos Supreme
Tues 5/8--Tuna Noodle Casserole, Steamed Vegetables, Orange Wedges
Wed 5/9--Chicken Caccetorrie, Pasta, Garden Salad
Thurs 5/10--Hawaiian Haystacks and Blackberry Pie (pie in honor of Papa Bob's Birthday!)
Fri 5/11--Pizza Night-Chicken Alfredo Pizza
Sat 5/12--Rib Tips, Brown Rice, Steamed Veggies, Caesar Salad
Sun 5/13--Breakfast for dinner-French Toast with Strawberries
Mon 5/14--Mexican Monday-Beef Tostadas (beans, meat, cabbage, cilantro, cheese, tomatoes, avocado layered on a crispy corn tortilla)
Tues 5/15--Baked Macaroni and Cheese, Green Peas, Arugula and Apple salad
Wed 5/16--Hot Dogs, Melon Salad, Fresh Veggie Sticks
Thurs 5/17--Chicken Stir Fry and Saimin
Fri 5/18--Pizza Night--Calzones
Sat 5/19--Pot Stickers, Brown rice, Asian Cabbage Salad
Sun 5/20--Breakfast for dinner-Peanut Butter Waffles and fruit salad
Mon 5/21--Mexican Monday-Carnitas
Tues 5/22--Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Coleslaw, Rice Pilaf
Wed 5/23--Gramma Jewel's Cocka-doodle-doo, Green Peas, Green Salad
Thurs 5/24--Last Day of School!! Out to dinner at the Kahuku Grill
Fri 5/25--Pizza Night-Canadian Bacon and Pineapple
Sat 5/26--Chef's Choice
Sun 5/27--Breakfast for dinner-Crepes, Bacon, and mixed berry compote
Mon 5/28--Mexican Monday-Bean and Cheese Burritos, cabbage salad
Tues 5/29--Orange Chicken, Brown rice, Stir Fry Veggies and Noodles

Wed 5/30--Macaroni and cheese with Hawaiian sausage, steamed broccoli
Thurs 5/31--Hawaiian Haystacks
Friday 6/1--Pizza Night-Fresh Basil and Tomato Grilled Pizzas and chocolate cupcakes (chocolate to celebrate Grandma Heather's birthday!)

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  1. This is such a perfect post for me today! I am really going to try and start making a menu and doing better with cooking and I was going to ask you how you keep your grocery bill down. Thanks!


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