Monday, May 07, 2012

May Day 2012

These first two videos are the 6th grade. Afton is in here. She is in the third row from the right and she is the 3rd girl back. She is NOT wearing her glasses. She is kinda hard to see in this video but this one is better quality and you get a good view of the whole dance. Also, these are the costumes that I worked on. The girls skirts and tops. I graded the patterns (sized them for the 6-7 different size ranges) and I made 7 of the costumes. I think they turned out pretty well.

 This video is horrible mostly because it focuses on one boy the whole time. However, Afton is right behind that one boy. So for a close up of Afton watch a minute of this one.

 This is the 3rd grade performance. It is the best video I could find on youtube of the 3rd grade and unfortunately you can't really see Cora very well. She is the first girl, coming from the left side of the stage, wearing yellow. She is the one who loses her skirt and keeps on going. Yeah Cora for staying focused despite the wardrobe issue!

I took all three of these videos from youtube. I did not shoot the videos. I did however shoot these pictures:

Holy Cow, look at those guns! Surfing has been good to this girls biceps.

My cute Afton having sooo much fun!

Afton and her friend Jessica

Jessica, Annie, Sarah, Afton, Cora, Isabelle.  After the performance.

Afton's buddy, Laramie and Afton

Nate and Cora


  1. Your girls are so beautiful!!!

  2. Oh my goodness....when did Afton get so grown up looking? She looks 15.....Cora is growing up too. Time sure flies, doesn't it. I can't believe you all have been gone for a year already. We sure miss you.

  3. They are growing up WAY too fast. They look so different from the pictures we took last year.

    Afton is graduating from 6th grade on Thursday and come July 30th will be a 7th grader at Kahuku High and Intermediate. yes, they mix the high school kids with the intermed's here. Yikes.


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