Friday, May 18, 2012

Handmade Gifts: Pencil Pouch

Another Birthday party this last weekend meant another Handmade Gift. Afton made her friend a fuzzy pink lei and asked me to sew up a pencil pouch. This is the cute pencil pouch.

She loved it.


  1. Very cute. I like that fabric :) its the same fabric you used to make Ella that cute monogrammed apron.

  2. That is really cute!

  3. Yes, it is the same exact fabric. I have a bit more laying around too. My girls have LOVED that fabric and we have used it for pencil pouches, ID card wallets, head bands and more.

    Every time I think of that apron I am reminded that I monogrammed it with ES for Ella Shumate instead of GS for Gabriela Shumate. Silly me.



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