Saturday, May 05, 2012


This morning the boys and I woke up planning to have a garage sale.  The boys need to earn money for their summer scouting activities and to pay me back for half of EFY. I have a few items I have deemed unnecessary and the boys have collected some items as well.  All the money from the garage sale will be theirs.

When we walked into the garage however, we discovered that it was full of water; we'd been flooded. Apparently in the night a washing machine hose burst.  It flooded the laundry room, the main garage, and came through the walls into our garage. (remember: we share this house with 3 other families)

Most of our stuff was up on shelves or in rubber bins so there was very little damage. (Our cardboard Christmas tree box did get wet.) But we did have to move everything out of the garage so we could get the water out--with the high heat and humidity here standing water is a quick invitation for mold.

Everything is out now.  We've swept and wet-vac'd and now have fans blowing.  I took the opportunity to do some straightening of my food storage and Dave is re-organizing his tools and camping gear.

It will be a few days before we can put the bins back in the garage--I want to make sure the walls are completely dry before I put the bins back in against them--so I'll try to take some time to go through bins this week.  Maybe I'll have some more stuff to add to the boys' garage sale collection.

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