Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Bragging

Just before moving to Hawaii I bought myself this top. I loved it because it was roomy and I like (still do) the print. I wore this top to my going away party in Lakewood last June. Remember me doing the hula with the girls? I look Ok, yeah?

On one of my first shopping trips here on the island I purchased a pair of capri's for myself. I had only two other shorts/capris that I owned and both were tight and uncomfortable. I bought myself these:

You may remember me bragging a week ago about my size 6 slacks from Costco.  Well, when I got home and tried them on they were too loose.  I knew they would drive me nuts and I'd be tugging them up all day--never a pretty sight. I took them back.

This weekend Dave took me Mother's Day shopping and got me some new capri jeans. I quite easily slid right into a size 4!!! I even have a little room in the back waist and will have to alter the jeans slightly. ( I tried on a pair of size 2 jeans and could zip them up but that produced a yucky looking muffin top and I'm just not going there.)

Here are my old size 15 capris compared to my new size 4's with about an inch and a half on each side (double that for front and back) reduction. Can I hear an OH Yeah!

proof: here's the tag from my new pants.

And it's just not possible to get new pants without getting a new top too. Size Small.
And here I am in my new outfit. I'm not a great model and I'm even worse when trying to take my own picture with my camera on timer, but you get the idea, yeah?

It feels kinda weird to say I'm a size 4 because I really don't feel small. I've always thought 4 is teeny tiny and I don't think I look that much different from my picture last year but I guess the tag don't lie (I hope). The sales associate at Old Navy did inform me that the sizing at Old Navy changed this year and is running larger than it used to--why exactly did he have to inform me of that while I was dancing around in front of the dressing mirror? I don't know.

Anyways, I am quite happy with my accomplishment of being healthier and stronger.  I think I'm in the best shape of my life since leaving high school.


  1. You are awesome! This is so amazing!

  2. WAHOO! go dani!!! that is quite an accomplishment and you deserve to do a lot of dancing in front of the dressing room mirror :) hope you guys are doing well. we are sure enjoying jacob, alli and of course, sweet little lou!

  3. I can't wait to do that too, I have been working out since I have been pregnant and I've never done that before. Eating more protein ect. I hope it helps me to get back to where I want to be in the long run! Congrats that is always exciting to lose weight and feel great keep up the hard work you are inspiring!!

  4. I think lots of stores are making their sizes run a bit bigger to make women feel okay with themselves, but it doesn't matter. Look at the difference in inches. That doesn't lie. You look FANTASTIC!! Congrats.

    Also, thanks for the info about the Ella 5k.

  5. Hello, Gorgeous! I'm so proud of you for all your hard work, you are truly an inspiration to us all!

  6. @Bitsy- Thank you :)

    @Lisa-Give Little Lou a big squeeze from Auntie

    @Jenice-If I can do it you can do it. Seriously! Dani! It's so good to hear from you.I'm so naturally lazy. But it feels so good now to be able to do anything I want. (That is until I injured my hip, now it's almost anything I want unless it causes me excruciating pain. Blah)

    @Maleen-Yeah, you're right many clothing lines have made adjustments over the years. Old Navy made their size adjustments last April or so and I actually tried on some shorts before moving here in "the new size" and I was a size 14 in "the new size" so I was comparing apples to apples. But the best thing to measure is the inches . . .and the way I feel: great!

    PS went to Costco this past weekend and they had some super cute Calvin Klein Bermuda's. I'm wearing a size 4 in those too! Yipee! AND no muffin top :)

    @Tom and Lisa-Look who's talking: The incredible shrinking woman herself! You look fabulous in your latest family Facebook pic. I am so proud of your accomplishments. You are the inspiration! Keep up the good work, it's worth it.


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