Monday, May 14, 2012

Chasing Waterfalls

Last Sunday--the week before Mother's Day--I was itching to get out of the house and DO something. I talked everyone into a little bike ride and short hike in search of a waterfall behind PCC. The little ride and short hike turned out to be much longer than it was supposed to be, about 4 miles roundtrip, I might have gotten some misinformation. It was still a lot of fun to spend a few hours with the family traipsing through the beautiful tropical jungle in our backyard. What an incredible world God has blessed us with.

Afton riding past a banana field in the middle of the jungle.

Afton, Kirkham, and Heath following the stream. Is that a waterfall we hear?

Not unless you call this a waterfall.

I lost count of how many times the trail crossed the stream.

Afton and Heath walking through the guava forest.

These magnificent trees were amazing.

Some excitement added to one of our stream crossings. One at a time, everyone made it over  and back safely.

Cliffs ahead, does that mean waterfalls?

Nope, just more lush hills to climb.

First signs of strawberry guava. Not quite ripe yet.

We're a mile or so in through dense jungle and many water crossings. No waterfalls yet and the path keeps going. Dave ascends the cliff to see what he can see.  He sees the other side and no waterfalls. Time to turn around; it's going to get dark soon.

One last look at the stream we will no longer follow up. Time to go back down.

But not before finding a few ripe strawberry guava to enjoy. Delish!

A lone flower, don't know what this one is.

This jungle is so cool but it is getting dark and scary. Time to hurry back.

I loved this tree but my shot was out of focus. It was getting too dark to hold my camera still long enough for a decent photo. So, I used picasa to create a "pencil sketch" of it. Now the fuzziness looks a little more intentional, I hope. I want to go back and get a really clear shot of this tree because the roots, the water, the rocks and of course the long arching branches look like they'll reach out and grab you. So spooky, so cool!

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