Saturday, May 26, 2012

Big Plans for Summer

In all my laying around this weekend feeling miserable and sick I figured it was my privilege to make everyone miserable. I made up a new chore chart and rotation for the kids effective immediately. We used to do a weekly rotation but that got really hard to put up with the whining after 3 days straight of washing dishes by hand. The daily rotation should work really well and it includes a list of chores for each "station" that must be done daily and then a quick list of chores that must be completed on certain days of the week. We'll see how it goes.

Since I couldn't do much else I also compiled my summer calendar which includes all events, activities, parties, workshops, camps that we know about at this point. Already our two months off looks like two months ON. Being in school might be more relaxing.

One of the events on our calendar is a babysitting job. We will be watching two little girls about 3 days a week for the whole summer. Their mom just started a new job and asked if we could watch the girls.  At first I was a little worried that it might cut into our summer play time but then I remembered that my kids have been looking desperately for ways to make money (they have sold Kool-Aid, baked goods, handmade lei's). With no grandma and grandpa around to do yardwork for they're a little lost. We all decided together that the kids would take turns babysitting (with me as the head caretaker of course) and they would earn the money for that day. I hope it works out and the kids follow through..

Besides the must do's that are on the calendar we also made a list of want-to-do's.  This is a list of the things the kids suggested, some of which can be done with our little friends in tow:
Go to the zoo
Hike to Maleakahana Falls
Camp at Laie Falls
Practice shooting bows at Scrambling Hills
Hike Koko Head
Visit Pearl Harbor
Spend a day at Sandy Beach
Go Fishing
Visit the Makapu'u Lighthouse
Wade across to Goat Island at low tide
Wade across to Chinaman's Hat at low tide
Snorkel at Haunama Bay
Spend an afternoon at Waimea Bay
Stop at Turtle Beach (Lanikai)
Go Kayaking (don't have a kayak so don't know how this one will turn out)
Walk through the Botanical Gardens in Kaneohe
Windowshop at Ala Moana (check out the Lego store!)
Surf at Waikiki

Lastly, as if that wasn't enough, I am taking a line from my friend Lisa's playbook. I am requiring school work from my kids over the summer. They will have to:

  • Write a daily journal--I don't care what it is about as long as it is written by hand, one paragraph minimum.
  • Read a minimum of 20 minutes per day (they already exceed this)
  • Write a book report for each book read--one paragraph for every 100 pages, typed
  • Daily math review--I'm still in the process of finding the material for this
  • Heath will also have to study Japanese over the summer to make sure that he is up to par for Japanese 2 next school year.
If done right it shouldn't take them more than 45 minutes a day, including reading. A little longer for Heath. Considering they are all up by 7am every morning they can be done with chores and summer school by 9am easily and have the rest of the day to themselves . . . unless they happen to be babysitting that day.


  1. I hope you are feeling better!! I found a couple more activities that might be fun for the kids this Summer. Check out: (free movies @ Waikiki) (15 and under) ($1 kid movies)
    Just some more ideas.

  2. Hi Dani!

    Feel better. Have a great summer! (Is that redundant to say to a person who lives in Hawaii?) I need to go plan a must do and wanna do list now. :D

    1. Haha! That's funny MJ. No, it's not redundant. Summer is different here. For one, the kids are home from school! A few more days and I'm hoping to be back to normal. I'd love to see your list when you get it all down.


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