Friday, April 27, 2012


Happy little Cora. She is still sick today.

The other day Heath got in trouble for throwing a water bottle at Kirkham as we were getting into the car after school.  It left Kirkham with a big red mark and welt across his back waist. As punishment Heath had to apologize and do 1 hour of service for Kirkham. When we got home this is what happened:

Kirkham to me: "Mom for my chore today can I wash and put away all the dishes?"
Me, shocked (not quite yet putting two and two together): "Sure."
Kirkham to Heath: "For my hour of service I want you to wash all the dishes and put them away, clean up my part of the room and refill my bike tire with air."

Cora to me: "Mom why are you so dressed up all the time?"
Me: "What do you mean? I'm not dressed up."
Cora: "You're always wearing skirts."

It's all I have that fits me. I have three knit skirts that I rotate between wearing almost every day.  It is either that or shorts that fall down constantly. I suppose it is time to buy myself some new clothes.

High School student says to me today, "Ms. are you full white?"

The referral for the Orthopedic Doc came through today.  The first available appointment is the 22nd of May.  I asked if they have a waiting list for an earlier appointment.

She said, "No, but you can call in and check if there's been cancellations anytime."

They are going to get so sick of me calling.

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