Friday, April 20, 2012


Rambuton is the Malay word for "hairy".  It is also the name of this delicious fruit that we taste tested this week.

Every week at the elementary school there is a delivery of "So Ono Fruits".  These are fresh fruits for the students to sample and each has a short lesson plan for the teacher to incorporate into the school week. These mini lessons are to encourage healthy eating and to encourage local/organic foods as well.  This is the first time that something has been delivered that I have never had before.

The spines are soft and plastic feeling.  With a knife we cut through the outer peel and inside found this gooey looking mass like a huge, egg-sized, peeled grape.

It is soft and juicy looking but does not feel as wet as it looks. It smells mildy sweet and delicious.

When you bite into it you must do so carefully as there is an almond sized seed in the middle.  Supposedly the seed is mildly poisonous but it couldn't be that bad considering it was served to several hundred school children without any problems.  I accidentally bit into the seed a little and it had a slightly acidic nutty taste.  The fruit itself tastes like a mildly sweet grape.  We loved the Rambuton and kept a few seeds to see if we could grow a few though from what I've read on the internet the seeds will grow a sour variety.  If I want to grow the same quality I must get a cutting or graft of a bearing bush.

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