Thursday, April 26, 2012

Plant Progress

 I started a new round of crops in my container garden recently.  I got some peppers and tomatoes and cucumbers and eggplants and a bunch of other things.
My Dragon fruit plant has grown quite a bit since last summer when I got it as a little start. On the side there you get a glimpse of my lemongrass and wooly oregano.

This is a new plant, New Zealand Spinach. Or at least that's what they called it at the Cackle Fresh Egg Outlet where I purchased the start. The leaves are much tinier than I thought they would be but it is growing fast.  It will be nice to have our own home grown salad greens.

Pineapple! Yes, pineapple grown from my own pineapple start! This is very exciting.  It is still small, about 6" worth of fruit, but we are hoping with enough patience it will grow bigger.
More salad greens growing here: arugula, chives, mixed lettuce and a tiny volunteer thai basil.  Under the newspaper is a new round of lettuce seedlings.  My Lanai is so windy that the soil dries out really fast and then my seedlings die.  The newspaper keeps the soil from drying out while I'm at work.

Argh! My pot of strawberries are producing again but just before the berries fully mature some creature is eating them up.  I haven't found evidence of what is doing the damage but when I find it . . .it won't be pretty.

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