Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our Sunday Walk

The surf was pretty big this past weekend with a big swell coming in from the North West.  We decided after church to take a drive to see it for ourselves but not to the same old spot--we usually head over to Pipeline when the waves are big. We went out to Turtle bay and took a walk along the shoreline from the helipad landing (at the end of the road at the bottom left of the map) up to the point at the upper right of the map.  It was a 2.25 mile walk along sandy and rocky shoreline.

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We took our time and had a blast.  The waves were pretty big and we got caught off guard a couple of times by some of the spray. We enjoyed looking at the tide pools inside the Ah-ah rock (spelling?) looking for little fish, crabs and other shelled creatures.  We even found a new secret swimming hole that we plan to come back to when we've got our swimming and snorkeling and fishing gear. Such a beautiful day to enjoy our family and the wonderful world God has blessed us with.

Here are some of the pictures I took. I had some fun with the editing this time :-)

A Perfect Day

Following in Daddy's Footsteps

Always watching for the next big wave.

We found the perfect swimming hole.  We'll be back!

Enjoying one anothers company

Itsy bitsy Muscles

The Big ones!

Daddy's Girl

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