Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nothing Glamorous

Tuesday 10 April 2012
4:50am--wake up, throw on my workout clothes and pull my hair back to a ponytail.
5am--walk out of house and next door to my friend and workout buddy's home
5:03am--no lights on decide to let her sleep and workout on my own. Ride bike 4.5 miles.
5:30am--walk back into house and begin my 30 minute circuit workout on abs and shoulders. Dave leaves to go to the BYU gym for his workout.
6am--workout done. Make sure that Heath is awake for Seminary. Drink my protein shake, take my vitamins and pack lunches for Dave and I.
6:30am--out of shower, wake girls and Kirkham before I go get myself dressed.
6:35am--realize my clothes need ironing.  Iron them. Dave gets home and sets to getting ready.
6:45am--get dressed and then take over bathroom to dry/style hair and do make up.
7am--double check kids' progress. Kirkham needs help styling his hair into a faux-hawk for crazy hair day.
7:15am--gather everyone for family prayer and hugs.  Say goodbye to kids and usher them out the door to school.  I too leave for school. Dave leaves for an early meeting.
7:30am--arrive to report to my sub job.  Today was Kahuku High School and first period was prep. I had 90 minutes of FREE time! I read my lesson plans, worked a few of the Algebra problems and then read the newspaper, facebook, email, wrote out chores and to-do's for after school, planned meals, shopping, calendar, etc.
9:30am--classes for the day begin. I administer a test in one class and in another class do a chapter review and worksheets. Seventh period I observe/help in a different classroom.
2:30pm--school is out! I turn in my keys, report, and paperwork that I have completed during my lunch and observation time at the front office. Meet the kids out in the parking lot at the truck
2:45 arrive home.  The girls are home and have already started their homework.  Afton needs to be logged on to the computer for a report.  I sit down at the kitchen table with Cora to look over the huge pile of papers that she has brought home.  I look at a few important ones and set the rest aside to look at a little later.
2:50pm--I decide I need a bowl of oatmeal as an after school snack.  I assemble it and put it in the microwave for 1 minute.  While it is in the micro I sort out laundry, start a load of towels and start a batch of bread in the kitchen aid.
3:05pm--the oatmeal has cooled to the perfect temperature.  I turn off the Kitchen Aid, cover the dough and grab my bowl of oatmeal and head back to the kitchen table to review the rest of Cora's paperwork while consuming my bowl of delicious goodness: oatmeal with brown sugar and mixed berries (the frozen ones from Costco). Kids are all working on homework and chores.  Cora is finished and heads out to play.
3:20pm--oatmeal and reading is done. I head into the bedroom to iron a white shirt for Dave.  He is working at the temple tonight.
3:30pm--shirt is done. I head down to check the progress of the laundry. Perfect timing! Load just finished spinning.  I transfer to the laundry and start another load: darks.
3:40pm--bring up the dry towels. Tidy up the front room, dining room and hallway and then fold the towels.
4pm--Heath leaves for waterpolo at BYU just minutes before Dave arrives home from work.  Dave quickly changes into his white shirt and slacks.
4:10pm--I drive Dave 1/3 mile down the street to the temple, drop him off and then continue 2 miles up the freeway to the High School to pick up Kirkham from tutoring.
4:30pm--back home. Bread dough has doubled. I take out a third of the dough and begin assembling tonight's dinner, Cranberry Turkey Braid.
5pm--braid goes into the oven. I go down to transfer laundry.
5:15pm--begin tidying up my very messy kitchen (I haven't done any dishes since last night).
5:35pm--pull the braid from the oven.  It is perfect and looks delicious! Oops! forgot to form the rest of my dough into something bakeable. Thank goodness my island counter is now clean.  I roll out dough to make one loaf of white bread and then form the last third of the dough into 8 hot dog buns.  I set both out to rise.
5:55pm--Kirkham is working on homework, Afton and Cora are out playing, Heath should be home from polo soon.  I work on some more dishes.
6:05pm--Heath comes in from polo famished.  He calls in his siblings for dinner and then opens a can of corn for us while I finish cubing a mango.  Cora sets the table, Afton finds serving spoons, Kirkham warms up the veggies in the microwave.
6:15pm--we all sit down to enjoy our dinner.
6:35pm--dinner is done. Heath goes in to take a shower, Afton clears the table, Kirkham gets to work on some merit badge paperwork, Cora puts away food.  I get another glass of water, check my rising loaf and buns and begin rinsing dishes again.
6:50pm--Loaf and buns go into the oven.  Cora and I head down to retrieve laundry and teach her how to transfer and start a load. Heath is working on Dave's surf board, Kirkham is playing on Facebook and chastized to "get back to your homework or you'll be doing dishes!" Afton is next door finishing a photo project with the neighbor.
7:10pm--Cora and I fold clothes.
7:25pm--bread comes out of the oven.  It looks and smells delicious! We set them out to cool.  I start back in on dishes but after I look at the sink of dishes for a few minutes I decide I need to rest before finishing them.  Cora and I go into my room and blog.

It is now 8:04pm: time for the girls to go to bed. We will have scriptures and prayer with the family and then I will tuck the girls in and sing them their songs.  After that I'll transfer laundry again and start back up on the dishes.  I think I've put dishes off long enough that Kirkham should be done with all his homework and will be assigned to help me.  Heath is still doing surfboard repairs on Dave's board and once he is done with that he will get back to his homework.

With all that done I will begin getting ready for tomorrow.  I need to figure out what I'm wearing tomorrow and make sure my workout clothes are set out. I need to do some stretches for my sore hip and if there is any time left after all that I'll spend some time reading online about my new favorite subject: injury recovery. 10pm is bedtime.  I hope Dave gets home from the temple before I fall asleep but I really can't wait up because tomorrow starts again at 4:50am.

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  1. I got tired just reading that! How do you even remember all the stuff you do in one day? I sure can't! That reminds me...I didn't even do the dishes last night. Guess I know what I'll be doing first thing this morning.


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