Friday, April 13, 2012


Haircuts this week.  As usual Heath's is somewhat short though we increased the top to a 7 on the buzzer.  He used to always get it cut to a 5. We stuck with 3 on the sides. He doesn't style his hair ever.  It's kinda a swimmer thing I guess: hop into the water and no product running down your face, hop out of the water and ready to go.

Kirkham always wants long hair.  At first I just trimmed up the sides and left it long on top (trimmed but long--skater style) with the stipulation that he had to keep it styled or I'd cut it shorter.  A few hours later I spotted him with his hair flying all over the place and a total wreck.  I made him sit right back down on my bar stool out back and I cut the top shorter.  He actually liked the end result, surprisingly, and it is soooo very easy for him to take care of now.  Basically he just runs his hands through it.

And then this is what he does to it the next day for crazy hair day? Faux hawk! Not my favorite look on Kirkham but he had a lot of fun with it. This is the pic he posted on Facebook for all his friends to see.

I started cutting the boys hair myself when they were little.  My mom reassured me that I could screw up as much as I wanted to when they were little, they'd never remember it.  But that if I didn't start then I wouldn't have practiced enough to be any good when they were old enough to care and remember.  Glad I took her advice because every haircut I do on them saves me $20. I have even gotten good enough (I think) that when they have gone into the barber to get their doo done professionally they have come back unsatisfied and I ended up fixing it anyways.  A waste of money at the time perhaps but it was worth it to know that I really do do a decent job.

The one head of hair in the family that I don't touch is Dave's.  If I messed that one up I'd never live it down. I'd rather stay married.

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  1. Omigosh, Heath has grown so much since you moved! He looks so much older in that picture!!! What handsome boys you have. Funny thing: last week I cut all my boys hair AND Tom's, too. Save so much money that way and I'm glad Tom and Dan finally let me do theirs, too. Hannah recently had me hack 7 inches off her hair, too. Now if only I could figure out how to cut my own...


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