Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter 2012

The tie-dyed eggs were a success! They were fun to do, easy to do and were relatively mess free.  We will definitely do this again next year.  When I make ties throughout the year I always scavenge the interfacing from the inside of an old tie but then have nothing to do with the actual fabric other than use it as a pattern for the new tie.  This was a great way to recycle the fabric.

Easter dinner went well.  I cooked up my last FREE turkey that I got at Christmas with my grocery rewards. It turned out pretty good I think--certainly liked it more than my Thanksgiving turkey that was cooked in an emu pit. I'm glad I had the big turkey because it turned out that my friend and her family had no Easter dinner.  They have been doing remodeling and she was so tired from all the tiling (they are doing all the remodeling themselves) that she completely forgot to go pick up Easter dinner stuffs. I haven't been much of a help with her remodeling so the least I could do was have them over for dinner and my huge turkey fit the bill perfectly. We also had Mashed Ulu (breadfruit), Pear salad, Jello fruit salad and Peggy's Famous Sweet Rolls. She brought lemon bars and a berry sweet bread for dessert.

Even with 13 people for dinner I still had a ton of meat left over and boiled the carcass to make a great turkey broth. I'll be making a Turkey and Wild Rice soup this week as well as a Cranberry Turkey Braid.

The rest of the turkey will either be used in sandwiches or stashed in the freezer for use later. The extra rolls were stashed in the freezer too--actually I only pulled out half the rolls knowing that every single one that I set out would be munched.

We also have some leftover Mashed Ulu. This was an invention of mine and it was mostly well received. It was a bit lumpy--like smashed potatoes--so that was a bit off putting to a couple people in particular. The taste was good though; a lot like mashed sweet potatoes.  I mashed up the cooked ulu and mixed in butter, milk, brown sugar, cinnamon, salt and a dash of cloves and nutmeg. Can't go wrong with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon! I had previously baked and cubed the ulu and had saved it in the freezer.  I'm thinking that perhaps if the ulu was boiled it might not be so lumpy?  We'll see next time.

We did something a little different for our Easter egg hunt this year.  Because of the heat here--rarely below 70 degrees--we decided that it would be in our best interest not to have the Easter bunny hide our real eggs. Instead we had him hide only plastic, candy filled eggs. Cora "knows" about the Easter bunny now and so we all worked together on Saturday night to fill 50 eggs with jelly beans, peanut M&M's and Hershey's coconut chocolate kisses.  The kids enjoyed helping out and knowing which eggs had the best stuff in them and I enjoyed not having to do all the work by myself after they went to bed. The kids had a blast, as always, finding all the eggs the next morning.  Found some in some very interesting spots like my favorite whisk.

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