Thursday, April 12, 2012

Afton's New Eyes

Afton's glasses were getting pretty old and were really too small for her face anymore.  The lenses were pretty scratched and the finish was coming off of the metal frames.  It was pitiful but I just hadn't thought to do anything about them until Afton started complaining about headaches.  Her glasses were too tight around her temples to be comfortable anymore. So, we took her in for an eye appointment.

While we were in I talked to the doc about helping her see while surfing.  She is a pretty good surfer and we have been amazed that she can catch any waves being that her vision is so horrible.  When we've asked her how she does it she responds, "I just watch for the shadow and paddle." She sees a wave as a shadow!

The doctor said that though she cannot recommend anyone ever wear contacts while swimming and especially not while in a place as dirty as an ocean, or heaven-forbid a lake, that contacts would be--off the record--the only way she would be able to see while surfing. I had wanted to wait until she was older to get contacts but, oh well.  She is a very responsible girl and how could I deny her the experience of seeing where and what she is surfing?!

Afton with her contacts.  Just like it took me a while to get used to her with glasses on, it has taken me a bit to get used to seeing her without her contacts.  Photo by Kelsie Hanks.
 We got her 15 day lenses.  She wears 8+ the biggest prescription available for this type of contact. She loves wearing her contacts and is always so very careful about caring for them properly. But because a girl doesn't always wake up with enough time to put in her contacts and do her hair we also opted to purchase her new glasses too.  She was very specific about the kind she wanted and we were fortunate to find just the right pair for her cute little face.

Being silly. Photo by Kelsie Hanks
I LOVE her new glasses.  She looks so super cute in them and they fit her face and her personality perfectly.

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  1. Aye, I saw the pics a couple days ago and wondered about contacts! Hannah will be so jealous, because she will have to wait a bit longer! Afton is so beautiful, with or without glasses. Watch out for her though, imagine what a good surfer she'll be if she can actually see what she's doing out there! :-)


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