Monday, March 19, 2012

What You Get When You Send Your 15 Year old Shopping

 I didn't work today, at least not as a substitute teacher. I've been cleaning and working on paperwork, bills, filing and phone calls all day; stuff I've been putting off for a very long time. I really didn't want to go to the grocery store today too but I needed some sour cream and cilantro for dinner. Sitting in the midst of my pile of papers as the kids filed in from school a whisp of inspiration settled upon me as I realized I could assign the chore to a kid.

Not just any kid could handle this shopping trip however.  It needed to be someone who could be trusted to not misuse the money, someone who could remember what to get, someone who would ride straight home balancing the groceries on their bike handles.  I chose Heath. Oldest = most trustworthy and responsible, right?

I gave him the instructions:
  •  Sour cream-any brand or size is OK but I want the cheapest by cost per ounce. (I reviewed with him how to figure cost per ounce).
  • Cilantro-at our store they call it Chinese Parsley.  It looks a lot like parsley, leafy and green.  It's right next to the lettuce.
He wrote the mini list on his hand and set out on his quick trip to Foodland. About 15 minutes later he walked in the door with a big smile on his face and handed me the baggy of groceries. I asked how it went and he said "Great! It was super easy to figure out which sour cream to get. The 1 pound one was $4.99 and the 8 oz was, like, $2. . . . so I got the big one."

Ok, did you catch that? I did immediately. So 8 oz is half of 1 pound. 1 pound=16 oz.  Heath knows this very well but he just told me that he bought the more expensive container.  I just stared at him and smiled and thought to myself "that's ok, I didn't have to go to the grocery store." and then I said to him, as I walked over to retrieve the bag from him, "What's $2 x 2?" He winced.

I pulled out the sour cream and spotted that it was a 24 oz container and we both momentarily rejoiced that he indeed had made the right choice. Then I pulled out the cilantro . . . WHOOPS . . . GREEN ONIONS! 

I have three pots of green onion growing on my back porch.

And no cilantro for my fish tacos.

Anybody want to trade? I still don't want to go the grocery store.

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