Thursday, March 22, 2012


(Backstory: Kirkham has been on restriction from using his DS since the beginning of the semester for poor grades.  He has caught up on his work but his grades are still not what they must be for him to get the gadget back. He has been trying every play in the book to sweet talk that DS back into his hands and it hasn't worked yet. For a week he has been fixated on getting it back to take to the premier of Hunger Games tonight: a midnight show that he plans to arrive two hours early to so he can get a decent seat in our little home-town theatre. He wants the DS so he doesn't "get bored" while he's waiting for the movie to begin.)

Kirkham announces as he's walking out the door yesterday: "Bye, I'm going to writer's club!"
Dave: "Rider's club?"
Kirkham: "Writer's club!"
Dave: "What are you riding? Bikes? Horses?"
Kirkham: "Unicorns, dad. Unicorns."
After a big burst of laughter from all in the room, especially Dave, Dave calls out to Kirkham and says, "That comment just earned you your DS for the premier of Hunger Games!"

Way to go Kirkham! Life Lesson Learned: Just when you least expect it--even when your best and hardest work haven't quite gotten you where you want to go--you get lucky and your creativity will fill in and make all the difference.


  1. Way to go Kirkham!!! You had us laughing as well:)

  2. This is so funny!! Thanks for the good laugh!!!!!


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