Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Today I am awesome!

Just got back from the grocery store.  Just had a few items I needed--milk and lettuce--and a few sale items I thought I'd throw in my cart as well. Coconut milk was on sale for 1.69 per can, Oscar Mayer bologna was on sale for $2/pound and Hershey's candybars were 10 for $6 (I like to have these on hand as good kid rewards--don't tell them I keep them hidden in the freezer). Kraft Cream cheese was also on sale for $2 a pack, I picked up three. 

Two dollars is as good as it gets for cream cheese here in Hawaii but in the grocery ad there was also a coupon for $3 off 3 Kraft cheeses.  It had deli and shredded cheese on the picture so I wasn't sure if it would be honored for cream cheese.  I thought it was a long shot but wouldn't hurt to ask. The cashier didn't think it would work either but she tried anyways and we were both shocked to find that it did! Hurray! That meant that I got 3 packages of cream cheese for $3 or $1 a pack.

One dollar for a package of cream cheese is a good deal for cream cheese on the mainland but then at the end of my transaction I got something more.  The catalina machine--you know, the one that gives you the coupons and ads with your receipt--spit out a $2 off my next purchase coupon.  The coupon was from Kraft! That means that Kraft just gave me another $2 off my purchase of 3 Cream Cheeses for a grand total of $1.  

That's a screaming deal anywhere!

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