Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I've taught for 14 of the last 17 school days. Last week was my first full week, all 5 days, working.  It is nice to know that not only will I have enough to pay my bills but I'll also be able to put some money away for the summer when I will go 8 weeks without a paycheck.

Though there are no sub jobs today there's still plenty of work to do. Here's my list:

  • taxes
  • laundry
  • scrub the showers
  • mop the floors
  • change and wash the sheets
  • tidy the garage
  • straighten up the back porch
  • wash windows and mirrors
  • clean up my sewing table
  • make goodies for the two last ladies whom I visit teach
  • vacuum out the couch
  • clean out the refrigerator
  • clean out the kitchen drains (stinky!)
  • re-caulk behind the kitchen sink (leaky!)
  • replace kitchen faucet and toilet seat (both broken)
  • water my plants
  • start some new seeds
  • file paperwork
  • take cans and bottles in for recycling deposit
  • buy eggs
  • begin composing next months shopping list
  • make an ortho appt. for Cora. (A bracket broke off a tooth and is dangling on the wire.)
  • make an eye appt for Afton.
  • Contact the school speech therapist
  • Deposit my paycheck
  • Make an Aloha tie for Dave
  • work on my grocery spreadsheet
  • complete inputting data into my new Quicken Software
  • make tonight's dinner
  • bake some banana bread with my mushy bananas
  • go to the BYU-H devotional?
  • surf?
  • go to the temple tonight?
It will be a miracle if I get all this done today. I'm half hoping not to work tomorrow just so I can get a little closer to completing all of these things before I go back to work on Thursday.  Yes, I've already got a job for this Thursday and Friday!

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