Thursday, February 09, 2012

Three Stories

Peggy, my mother-in-law was washing dishes for me yesterday afternoon.  As she got to the bottom of the sink she asked holding up some cans, "Is there a reason why these cans and lids are in the sink? Do you have to wash them before recyling here?"

"I never do." I responded perplexed. I looked up from what I was doing to see that the cans were ones I had opened 2 days ago and had tossed into the recyling bin in the kitchen.

Afton quickly chimed in, "Kirkham put them in there. It was one of his chores."

I hadn't remembered giving Kirkham any chore like that.  I stared at Afton waiting for the rest of the story.

"On his chore list yesterday, that you left when you went into town" Afton continued, "you told him to clean the cans."

"Clean the cans? OH, Clean the cans! Yes, Kirkham's list read: Take out the garbages/recyling and clean out the cans. . . . .
 . . . .I had meant the garbage cans."


Last week Afton went into her room to get ready for bed and just seconds later let out a little scream.

"Are you OK in there Afton?" I called from my work in the front room.

She emerged from her room giggling and said, "I was putting my arm into my pajama sleeve and a baby gecko jumped out of my shirt and onto my arm. It scared me."

She tried to catch it after but when she grabbed it it's tail popped off.

We've spotted the gecko a few times since.  He seems to like the bathroom and the hallway. His tail is growing back.

I had my first collision with another surfer on Monday.  It was Dave. I was paddling for the shoulder (off to the side to get out of the way of the wave and the surfers) when Dave came in on the next wave.  He hadn't spotted me, nor I him, until it was nearly too late.  I had just enough time to turtle my board--roll over and hide under it in the water--before he crashed into me.  I only got a bump on my elbow but I ruined Dave's best ride of the night.

Tuesday I had my second collision with a surfer.  This time a newbie crashed into me, out of control, on a big wave. He went flying one way and his board came flying my way.  It hit me in the back of the knee, knocked me down and proceeded to run right over me punctuating the crash with the fin knocking into my side. I don't think the other guy noticed what had happened. I paddled in and called it a day.  I hope I never did that to anyone unknowingly. I'm still sore.

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  1. Will you tell Peggy I said 'Hi' and let her know that I have very fond memories of her. She is a fantastic lady.


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