Sunday, February 19, 2012


I am a Primary Teacher at church.  I teach the 5 year olds.  They are so cute. I adore every one of them but one of the boys really cracks me up.

A few weeks ago our lesson was on families.  As an activity the children were to draw a picture of their whole family.  The crayon box that I happened to get from the library that day was short on brown crayons, which wouldn't normally be a problem except almost all the kids in the class have brown skin.  They were arguing over who needed the brown crayons the most and who could use black crayons or peach crayons, etc, when one of the kids (who has light brown skin) shouts out, "I don't need the brown crayon because my mom says my sister is white. My Dad is brown but I'm white too."  And then he walks over to me with his arm up.  He places his arm next to me and finishes his thought, "Look I'm almost as white as you!"

Same kid at church today is waving his arm in the air frantically during Sharing Time.  He wants to answer a question that the leader has asked. When it looks like he might be the one called on to answer he turns to me with a worried look on his face and quickly asks, "Oh, oh, who is that old guy?" 
"What old guy?" I answer looking around the room.  
"That old guy with Jesus and the Holy Ghost?"
"Heavenly Father?"
"Yeah, yeah! Heavenly Father!"

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