Friday, February 03, 2012

Healthy Results

I have been working out daily since September 15th. Originally my goal was to get strong enough to surf and to do that I set the smaller goal of exercising five days a week. I found a good circuit training team that I liked working out with (my friends Jenny and Michelle; we have been getting our workouts from By November I was standing on a board and could proudly boast never letting a week slip by without getting in at least 5 workouts.

Though I accomplished my original goal I have not stopped working out a minimum of 5 days a week.  I have actually come to enjoy both the workout and how great I feel not to mention how much better my clothes fit me, or in some cases no longer fit me! I've been doing a lot of alterations lately.

This is how far I've come:

weight 156 (I had lost 3 lbs from the time I moved in June)
bust 39
waist 34
high hip (at hip bone) 41
low hip (at widest thickest part between hip and knee) 43
bicep 13
thigh 24.5

weight 143--a loss of 13 lbs (I like to remind myself that I have gained a lot of muscle too)
bust 36--a loss of 3"
waist 29--a loss of 5"
high hip 37.5--a loss of 3.5"
low hip 38.5--a loss of 4.5"
bicep 11.5--a loss of 1.5"
thigh 20--a loss of 4.5"!

I have started eating differently lately too: smaller portions, more nutrient packed foods, more protein and fewer carbs.  I originally started doing it as an experiment to see if it would further improve my sense of well-being.  Within a week I was feeling amazing.  No more after meal stomach aches or that nagging hungry but full feeling all day long.  Changing my eating habits has yielded me a loss of 6 pounds in the past 20 days without feeling hungry.  Occasionally I do get a hankering for something extra carb-o-licious, which I will have, but generally I've found that all the sweets and baked goods that I was enjoying before were the culprits for the heavy and yucky feeling. I mostly steer clear of them now.

I do not have a "weight loss" goal.  I don't want to get down to a specific weight or size or anything like that. Instead I am just going to continue improving on healthy habits and see where they take me; see where my body naturally plateaus. I can't help but get excited as I approach the 140 lb. mark though.  Last time I was 140 lbs was early in 2001, just before we moved from Washington State to Fresno, Caliornia. It was a year after I had Afton and I had lost all but 5 of the 50 pounds I put on when I was pregnant with her. That lasted until late 2002 when I got pregnant with Cora.

Yes, It has been 10 years since I have been the size I am now.


  1. Never in a million years did I think I'd hear you say you enjoyed working out! I am so proud of you for making the commitment to better health and for sticking with it. Clearly it has made a huge difference in your life and serves as inspiration for people like me, who still cringe at the mere thought of exercising. Congratulations, you are incredible!

  2. That is 22 inches lost....AMAZING....way to go Miss Dani.


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