Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cost of Homemade Breakfast

I wrote this post a while ago and forgot to post it. I decided that the financial cost is so close that the emotional cost must be weighed too.  I let my kids decide whether or not to eat at home or at school.  When they are running late or when I am running low on groceries they choose to eat at school but most of the time the opt to eat at home.

I've been wondering lately if it would be cheaper for me to continue making sack lunches or to buy school lunches.  Last week I figured out that it is indeed cheaper, if you qualify for  reduced price lunches, to purchase lunches at school (See post Cost of Homemade Lunches).  Now I'm wondering if it is cheaper to buy reduced price breakfast at school too. These prices are based on the best prices available to the public that I have found here in Hawaii.

(I am going by suggested serving size though I know that my kids often eat more by about 50%)
1 ounce Cold Cereal----------------.17
1/2 cup milk------------------------ .16

1/3 cup oatmeal--------------------.08
1/3 cup milk------------------------.10
2 T brown sugar--------------------.05

1 slice homemade bread, toast------.03
1/2 T butter-------------------------.04

pancakes (waffles and crepes will be similar cost)
2 eggs---------------------.32
1/2 cup dry milk-----------.16
3 T oil---------------------.08
1 1/2 C flour---------------.15
1 t salt---------------------.01
bkg pwd-------------------.24
2 T sugar-------------------.01
one batch of 12 pancakes-- .97
A serving of 2 pancakes----------- .16
1 T butter--------------------------.08
1 oz maple syrup-------------------.05

peanut butter toast ------------------15
A piece of fruit ---------------------.30-.75
a cup of yogurt ---------------------.60

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