Monday, February 27, 2012

Cheaper Eggs

I was so excited this weekend to discover how to purchase eggs cheaper.  I have been purchasing my eggs at the Cackle Fresh Egg Outlet (remember the one? They sell mainland eggs, LOL!) I've been purchasing their Large Eggs in a 30 count tray for $5.  We go through about 2 trays a month.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.

On the price board at the Cackle Fresh store it lists the different sizes and prices and other items for sale. I had noticed at the bottom it says CHEX $3.08. Since they also sell chicken scratch and other odd items there I just disregarded it.  That is until I went in last Friday and overheard the woman in front of me ask for 2 trays of CHEX.

Trays means eggs, I thought.  Sure enough, the cashier came back with an order of eggs.  I asked what CHEX meant. She told me that the CHEX are the imperfects that get set aside when they CHECK the eggs over before sale. The eggs may be dirty, slightly discolored, not quite the right shape or size but perfectly fresh and edible.

Our family was used to having eggs of varying colors and shapes and sizes when we had our chickens in Washington.  Why not do the same thing here for a $2 savings?! I am so excited to be getting eggs for 10 cents a piece!

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  1. Don't ya just LOVE it when Heavenly Father comes through and reminds us of all the cool blessings he gives us.....even the tiny ones? That is great. The tender mercies of the Lord...are merciful indeed. I miss you Dani. We saw Dave tonight at Red Robin with his Mom and Dad and the Lawrensons too. Wish you could have been in the group.


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