Saturday, February 25, 2012

Arise and Shine Forth

Can you find Heath in this video? It was filmed here in Laie, we know many of the kids and all the locations very well. He's tough to spot so here's a few hints to find him.

  •  At 3:19 you can spot the top half of his face right above the girl in the purple shirt. 
  •  At 3:27 You'll see the back of his head in the group shot watching the sun come up. He's wearing a light blue shirt, almost looks white, in the second row, right in the middle of the picture. 
  • At 3:30 Heath is standing directly behind the main character guy who is wearing the purple shirt. As the guy walks to the right you will see Heath momentarily before he turns to follow. 
 He's in there a few more times too but you have to be quick to catch him.


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