Friday, January 20, 2012

Since last Saturday I have been telling my family that I would be going into town this week. I posted a list on the refrigerator that stated in big bold letters TOWN LIST, encouraging everyone to write anything they needed.

"I'll be going on Tuesday unless I get a sub job." I warned Monday after enjoying the holiday weekend.
I got a job!

"I'll be going on Wednesday unless I get a sub job." I reminded Tuesday.
I got a job!

"I'll be going Thursday unless I get a job." I nagged on Wednesday.
By late Wednesday evening when it was quite clear I wouldn't be getting a call everyone scrambled to write their last minute requests on the list. Cora needed new shoes.  Afton requested new underwear.  Kirkham snuck in a request for a Pokemon DS game and Heath asked for chocolate syrup.

Thursday morning I got up early, still hoping I might get a last minute phone call.  I exercised, showered and prepped for the day double checking the list, mapping out my driving route and scheduling my stops. Kissed the girls goodbye on their way to meet their walk-to-school buddies and had the boys load their bikes and bodies into the truck.  I dropped them at school on my way around the Northshore saving them from the 2 mile trek on this cold winter's morning (it was 62 degrees!).

I made it to the sewing machine shop a few minutes before it opened and was so excited to pick up my repaired machine. Something happened to it during the move and it was making a terrible grinding noise. I've been using the girl's cheap-o sewing machine for the last 5 months and it's been driving me crazy. I'm so happy to have my machine back and hope to test it out over the weekend.

Next stop Walmart, 9:30.  Running ahead of schedule, hurray! I might be done in time to stop at Sunset beach on the way home.  I'd really like to get some tanning time in, just 30 minutes.  I walk into the store grab my cart and head down the aisle as I reach into my purse for my list. Still reaching, hands flipping through the contents one by one. Finally I stop, fully open my purse and look down in to confirm my fear: The list was missing! After all that nagging I left it at home.


I never got to stop for a tanning session on the beach. It took me a while to get through all my shopping  yesterday for two reasons. First reason was the missing list.  I had to go through most every aisle of the store trying to jog my memory of all the things I had written and had read. I surprisingly only missed one item: pencil lead.  Heath had placed that on the list before leaving for school--Oh yeah! He had taken the list from my purse to write something on it.

Second reason it took me so long to shop was because, while shopping for food items, I was carefully checking the nutrition guidelines on the side.  I have been attempting to eat healthier and Dave has recently joined the bandwagon too (kinda). A few months ago my doctor gave me the all-clear to abandon the liver-coddling low protein diet that I was on.  Since starting excercising regularly I have noticed a big difference in how I feel when I eat more protein and a lot fewer carbs.  I recover from exercise faster and I have more energy throughout the day. As I compared product's nutrition guidelines I considered the ratio of protein to carbs, and serving size to calories. Generally speaking the higher the number the more filling (or hunger satiating) the item would be.  I also broke down the price per serving and evaluated the hunger satiating ratio with the cost per serving before deciding if I would spend money on it.

Have I lost you? Sorry. Basically just was looking for the biggest bang for my buck; I'd spend a little more an item if I knew that (based on the above figuring) that it would keep us feeling un-hungry and happy for longer.  This is something I haven't ever considered before recently.


Thought it was interesting as I was checking labels to find that the "health food" items typically had more sodium and more carbs.  Though they said less sugar when compared to other items it had the same amount of carbs, hmmm?!  Sugar, I am finding is a trigger for me to feel more hungry.  The more sugar I eat the more food and sugar I want. I am trying to limit my sugar intake.

The most interesting comparison of the day though was bacon.  I was looking at the Costco brand bacon and comparing it to the Oscar Mayer turkey bacon.  The turkey bacon was cheaper and claimed to be healthier with "half the fat" of regular bacon.  When I compared the two side to side I deduced that the serving size on the turkey bacon was half the size of regular bacon! Well of course there's going to be half the fat if you eat half the amount! When I compared them in like portion the turkey bacon had more sugar (in bacon?), more sodium and more fat AND it had less protein.  I went with the real thing.


I proved my own point to myself on the way home from Costco. I hadn't packed myself a lunch this morning  planning to get myself a turkey wrap from the Costco Cafe.  But after all my shopping, having spent more than I had planned on, the $4 for the wrap put a wrinkle in my plan.  I succumbed to the enticement of the $1.50 hot dog.  Knowing the soda was going to be way more sugar/carbs/calories than I wanted to waste I filled most of my cup with water and just a squirt of sprite for flavor. After loading my groceries in the truck and before filling up with gas I took a few minutes to eat my hot dog with relish and ketchup after which I entered it into my "My Fitness Pal" app.

I was shocked to discover that my hot dog had just cost me 552 calories, 46 grams of carbs and only 20 grams of protein.  My usual goal for a meal is 300 calories, 30 grams of protein and under 15 grams of carbs (I eat 3 meals and 3 snacks per day; each snack, by the numbers, is about 1/3 of a meal). Oh well, I thought, once in a while this kind of thing isn't gonna kill me. I didn't fret over it at all.  In fact, I felt kinda good. I had a little extra energy and felt happy and thought that perhaps my body needed the extra carbs to rejuvenate me after the long torturous day of shopping. I filled up my gas tank, turned up my radio and hit the open road for home knowing I needed to hurry to get there in time for the kids.

Within about 20 minutes, however, things had changed. I was struggling to keep my eyes open and I felt so very tired.  I made it home without having to stop but once the groceries were in I knew I'd need a rest. I was also hungry when I got home, HUNGRY! I had just eaten 70 minutes earlier and I was hungry! I usually go 2-3 hours between eating.  I got myself a glass of water, a cheese stick and went to bed.

The point I proved to myself? An hour or so later I woke up feeling yucky and hungry and determined to not get suckered into a hot dog again. I would have only eaten half the wrap for lunch anyways--those things are huge--so the extra $2.50 would have been worth it for the consistent sense of well-being, not having to take a nap and I would have had another 1/2 a wrap for the kids to sample after school or save for lunch today.

I haven't quite figured out how to use these in a formula yet but I think the higher the protein/carb ratio is the better. Right? What do you think?
hot dog cost per serving = $1.50
hot dog protein/carb ratio = 20/46 = .43

turkey wrap cost per serving (1/2 a wrap) = $2
turkey wrap protein/carb ratio = 28/32 = .83

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  1. You should look up Cross Fit Journal they give you what you need for a small med. and large women and all the portions are measured out for you and they have a list of undesirable carbs listed on it too so you will know what to avoid eating. I have started this and I tried everything else out that's out there, you sound just like me in the getting tired thing after eating to many carbs. I think you would like the cross fit journal, just google it online and print it out and it's not expensive. I can't do expensive so this I think would work out good for you, they do say to exercise with this loosing about 300 to 400 calories when you do work out and avoid sugar. Hope that helps!


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