Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Prepare for Tomorrow

Over the break I changed my phone number to a local Hawaii number in an effort to get more subbing jobs.  You see, the Hawaii Department of Education sub-line computer will only call local phone numbers to make arrangements on behalf of teachers unable (or unwilling) to do it themselves. By making myself available to the computer--by getting a local number=-I will theoretically get more jobs.

Thus far all my teaching gigs have been set up at least a day or two in advance directly with the teachers but that will change beginning tomorrow. Tomorrow morning the kids go back to school and I might too, but I don't know yet because the computer system hasn't called yet and could call me as late as 7am for a 7:30am job. That means I have to be prepared to possibly go to work tomorrow, or not. I am not a big fan of last minute arrangements like this but I'm quickly learning that such is the life of a substitute teacher.

In case I get a call in the morning I have prepared ahead by:

  • doing my laundry on Monday
  • doing my grocery shopping today
  • setting my alarm to get up early so I can exercise
  • setting out some "teacher" clothes
  • having the kids set out their school stuff
  • making sure there is something quick and easy in the refrig that I can take for lunch
  • making plans for tomorrow's dinner
  • reminding the kids of the plans tomorrow so they knew what to expect if I get the call
If I don't get called in tomorrow I have a list of things to accomplish so that I can be prepared in case I get called in for Thursday:
  • write out and deliver thank you notes with new local number to teachers I have subbed for previously
  • pay bills
  • clean my bedroom
  • make tie for Dave that I promised him
  • scrub bathroom (especially the tub and shower)
  • bake bread
  • finish the already very late Christmas gift for my nephew Ashton
  • change bed sheets
  • wipe out cupboards and spray for ants/cockroaches


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