Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day

This morning had all the potential for a bad start.  I woke up groggy, sore and late at 7am-- the kids have to be up by at least 6:30 to get to school on time. Afton and I were up late finishing her History Day Project and Heath was up late completing his Math so all three of us were zombies rolling out of bed. I walked out into the kitchen and found Cora mopping up a bowl full of spilled cereal and milk splattered to the far reaches of the kitchen. Thankfully got the kids going without too much to-do but then I realized I had to be dressed also.  The school computer that Afton had been loaned for some video editing for her Project was due back by 8. I decided to throw on some sweats and sneak in the back way. Got home to face my piled up laundry, dishes and housework that have been patiently awaiting my next day-off (Saturday and Sunday are NOT days off for a mother).

It could have been a bad morning but it wasn't.  Dave pitched in and helped get the kids going. Heath and Cora helped clean up the milk mess.  Kirkham was surprisingly cheerful. Afton didn't do or say much but she did let me braid her hair without complaint. On the drive back from the school I spotted several friends jogging who looked up, smiled and waved. Their hair looked a lot worse than mine and they were wearing sweats too.

It is overcast but the temperature is comfortable and the birds are singing. The clouds will likely blow off over the next hour.There is a slight breeze coming in from the east bringing with it the sounds of the school playground and the waves crashing onto Temple and Hukilau beaches. Though I am sore it is from surfing last night. I know that will be gone in a few hours when I'll be surfing again, once the chore list is complete, of course--a girl has got to get her exercise! For now my house still smells like the fresh baked bread I made last night and for breakfast I am just sitting down to casually eat my fav: cottage cheese, a half pear and some mixed nuts. It's a beautiful day!

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