Thursday, January 26, 2012

All the Way Around

Last weekend after Heath's swim meet we took the long way home.  For the first time since arriving on the island we finally made it around the south shore of Oahu.  We didn't take a lot of time to explore because we had other things to get home to but we did stop once for a closer look. It was a beautiful drive that was vaguely reminiscent of the Badlands of South Dakota. Here's the proof:

Signs are for tourists . . . we jumped the wall.

Afton and Cora enjoying the ocean breeze on the "other" side of the wall.
And down they/we went.

I dared Dave to walk out to the very furthest edge and he did.  I made him wait and wait for a big ol' wave to break right beside him but I never got a decent shot and then Kirkham went out to see what his dad was doing so I waved Dave back. 

Kirkham contemplating.

Afton looking out towards Japan.

See what I mean?  Doesn't that remind you a little of the Badlands? (for a refresher of those pics click here

Cora, Afton and Kirkham

Dave heading back.
Afton and Cora showing off their incredibly large muscles.  Can you see them?
Time to head back up the hill to the car.  Now you can see that the tourists don't pay attention to the signs either.

The trail up to the parking lot.

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