Friday, December 23, 2011


One of our favorite surf spots was breaking this morning, Kahana Bay.  When the conditions are right the waves slowly roll into this shallow bay and create the perfect playground for beginning surfers.  This is the only place Kirkham really likes to surf. It was a little chilly so everyone grabbed their wetsuits and boards and we headed out with a truck load of family and friends.

I did not go surfing for three reasons.  One, this morning's GPP workout was a killer (pulled a glute doing a cartwheel so now I'm walking kinda funny. I know, hilarious huh! check out the workout).  Two, I haven't surfed since cutting my finger again, though I think I'll put some waterproof bandaging over it tomorrow so I can say that I've surfed on Christmas Eve.  Three, I had some more shopping to do! So, I dropped everyone off and kept driving down the highway to Kaneohe.

I had a few finishing touches to pick up for Christmas: two gifts and some apples for apple pie (they were on sale for 99 cents/pound at Safeway). When I was done I came back past Kahana and picked everyone up.  It was great timing because they were tired and cold and hungry.

The rest of the day today will be spent sewing (me) and decorating gingerbread houses (kids).  Tonight we will continue our Harry Potter marathon that we began last Saturday night.  Every evening we have watched an episode from the series.  Tonight we are watching "The Deathly Hallows, part 1".

I still haven't made any Christmas goodies for my neighbors and friends, nor have I made anything for my cute little primary class.  They were so cute last Sunday when it was announced that there would be no Primary on Christmas day (so that everyone could spend more time with family), they made arrangements with me to meet them by the bicycle rack after church so I could bring them goodies.  They are 6 years old and pushing me around like that! I don't mind one bit and am glad to bring them a treat--I've just got to figure out what.  I think I'll do all that baking tomorrow morning.

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