Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I recently watched the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness" with Will Smith.  Great movie that I really enjoyed.  One of the little things that I thought was interesting was the voice over parts where the character titled the next segment by saying something like this, "This is the part that I call Running".  In the Running segment the character chases down a homeless man who has stolen something of his. Anyways, that is not really the point of the movie but a stylistic element that I thought was interesting and has stuck with me.

Last Friday that style element came screaming back into my consciousness when I cut my pinky, AGAIN! I was slicing a piece of bread near the butt end and was thinking about ways I could earn some extra money (A common train of thought lately and a bit ironic too considering the cost of my doctor's bills for the first cut). When I felt the knife dig into my fingernail I looked down (yes, I know, isn't that crazy that I wasn't even looking! I had to look down to see what had happened!), pinched my pinky with my other hand and thought, "This is the part that I call Stupid!"

I rinsed it off, bandaged it up very tight--so as to stop the bleeding--and finished making myself my sandwich.  I didn't tell the kids or call the neighbor or anything.  I even had a very hard time admitting to Dave when he got home what had happened but we were supposed to go to the beach and he had to know why I couldn't surf.  I started crying a little when I told him.  Though my finger hurt it was really my ego that was in pain.  He thought it was hilarious and insisted on taking a picture later when we changed the bandages.



  1. ohhhhhhh...that made me cringe. Sorry Dani:(

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I broke ANOTHER toe last week! Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for posting!

  3. Oh Dani....I am so sorry...I am officially removing ALL knives from you....I know that had to hurt...Sending healing prayers your way.....


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