Thursday, December 01, 2011


On Saturday night Dave and I decided to make a last minute un-planned trip into town.  We were going to stop in at Costco to pick up our Christmas cards and then go get dinner at the Outback with a gift card he'd been given by his swim team last year.

While at Costco we picked up a few extra things including some socks for the boys.  They have been fighting non-stop over socks lately.  It always starts with Heath accusing Kirkham of stealing his socks or wearing them in the mud or something like that.  Kirkham always denies all allegations claiming Heath's socks are too big for him, that he keeps his socks in a separate drawer, etc. And then the heated debate continues until I break it up or Heath finds a sock or one of them has to leave for school.

So that evening after we got home from Costco and dinner, Dave and I set a six pack of socks on each boy's pillow--colored toes for Heath, white toes for Kirkham.

When the boys got home and spotted the socks Heath came bounding right out of his room with a big smile on his face and big thank you's for mom and dad.  I hadn't heard anything from Kirkham yet and assumed that he hadn't seen his socks so I pointed them out to him. He had seen them already and said, "That's great mom but I don't need socks."

"But you and your brother are always fighting over socks." I responded perplexed.

"I don't need socks," Kirkham explained, "because I don't have any tennis shoes that fit.  Will you buy me some tennis shoes?"

Still not totally getting it I asked "What do you wear for PE?"

"Slippers [flip-flops]" he stated simply.

So, my question now is . . . why has he spent most every morning fighting with his brother about socks?  Why hasn't he just defended himself by saying "I don't have any tennis shoes to wear socks with, I don't wear socks." ? Cause that would be the end of the argument, right?!

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