Friday, December 30, 2011

Honolulu Chinatown

On Monday we took our first trip into Honolulu's Chinatown.  They had good prices on produce and some fresh meats and seafood but what I liked best was looking at all the trinkets and architecture and the things that were different from my norm.  I was most surprised that there weren't any tourists walking around, we were the only ones!

We left Laie about 8:30am and arrived in Downtown Honolulu by 9:30.  We parked across the street from this Maunakea Marketplace entrance at what I think is the hands-down cheapest place to park in town.  We paid a whopping $3.50 for 2 hours of parking.  A steal!
The marketplace entryway.

Lots of live stuff was being sold here.  The kids (and the adults) had to stop and stare at every single tank.

This tank was full of live bullfrogs.  They were being sold for $6.99 a piece.  Cora was wondering if they were being sold as pets. (No, they weren't)

Cora and her buddy Arwen enjoying the sights, sounds and smells--kinda.

In an effort to get Cora to keep her hands to herself we gave her the camera to take pictures of anything she found interesting.  Most of the pictures turned out blurry but this is one of the better pictures.

A chopstick set that Afton really liked.

And a tea set that all of us girls admired. 

I learned how to play Mah Jong last New Years and loved it.  I would like to get a set but had no idea how expensive a set would be.  This is $75 for only these 40 tiles. The full game requires 166 tiles! Guess I won't be getting that for a while.

Every shop was filled to overflowing.

No Chinatown is complete without the Lucky Bamboo vendor!

Cora's favorite picture of the day.
We bought some sticky buns from one of the chinese bakeries as snacks when we first got there. The rolls were $1.10 each; we got 3 to share. We bought 2 bubble ice drinks for $3.50 each. And near the end of our visit we also split 3 lunch plates between the 6 of us for a total of $18.  Along the way we bought a few pounds of fresh egg noodles and wonton wrappers, a couple pounds of bananas, a large papaya, 4 large carrots and a red pepper for a grand total of $16.

Kirkham wasn't feeling very well so we took off a little earlier than our friends.  We had brought two cars, one of which belonged to a student friend of ours.  He had loaned us the car over the holidays in exchange for a parking spot (he was going back to the mainland for Christmas).  We drove his car into town because it saved us gas money--about $12 round trip vs. $20 round trip in the truck.  But, the car only had room for the boys and Dave and I.  Our girls rode in our friends van with their girls. So when we left early, we left the girls in Chinatown with the Blimes.

We opted to drive back to Laie the long way because we needed to fill up with gas at Costco and because our feverish Kirkham's only wish was for shave ice from Hale'iwa.  He hadn't eaten anything all day, with the exception of a few sips of the papaya bubble ice drink.  This ended up taking us a lot longer to get home.  In fact the Blimes and the girls got home about an hour before we did because of the horrendous traffic we encountered driving around the Northshore.

All in all it was an enjoyable morning with a price tag of $70 (including the shave ice and gas and parking and everything purchased in Chinatown). We also got home in time to do some surfing--that was our trip to Kahana spotlighted in yesterday's blog post. 

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  1. So colorful! And Cora took a really good picture...I thought her photographer mom took it until I read the caption! Great job, thanks for sharing!


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