Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Fort Night

Last Thursday night at about 6 I walked into the backyard to check on the girls who had been playing outside since being released from school at 2:30 and this is the disaster I found:

Yikes! But upon closer inspection (I looked under the tarp) I found this:

And this:

And this:

They had gathered the neighbor kids and supplies from everyone's homes to make this fort. The sticks were from Manase's bamboo patch, the tarp was sitting abandoned in our backyard, the lights were from Kalani's, they bummed popcorn and other treats from Bitsy and Jenny  and they had all gathered as many blankets and games and toys as they could sneak out of their houses. Then they all--Cora, Afton, Nathan, Manase, Mona, Malia, Kalani and Toma--sat down to watch Despicable Me on a mini DVD player that appeared from who knows where. They had a great night.

The perfect way to start Christmas Break.

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  1. That is entirely awesome. What smart kids!


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