Saturday, December 03, 2011

The Christmas Season Has Begun

The day after Thanksgiving the Christmas tree went up. We are glad it is a skinny tree because there is not a lot of room for decorations here.  A few of the kids favorite Christmas books, Santa hats and a couple of play nativities are also under the tree.

A couple nights ago we went to the elementary school Christmas program and it was incredible!  The program was not held at the school.  It was at the University Basketball Arena.  It was packed with at least 3000 people, maybe more. I was totally blown away.  Each grade level had a choreographed song that they performed.  And there was a production crew doing lighting, special effects and broadcasting on a big screen. Santa came, there was a Christmas bazaar afterwords and there were treats for everyone! AND it was done in 90 minutes time.

Last night we attended Heath's band Christmas concert.  It was also very well done.  It was just held in the school cafeteria/auditorium and had little to no production at all but it too was short and the music was outstanding. Their last song "Hill County Holiday" was an especially fun song to listen to and watch--you could tell by the look on the kids faces that they loved playing that song.

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