Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Slow Post

My pinky has been hurting a lot the past few days and so I've been avoiding typing and thus posting.  But that's not my only excuse for taking so long to write I have also been quite busy.

Yesterday I subbed for my third day in a row (Thursday, Friday, Monday) for the first time. It is nice to have the work but I realized when I got home, as I gazed upon the disaster called my house, that I have to make better use of my weekends and days off if this whole going to work thing is going to work. I'm also going to have to make better use of my husband and children. I put the kids to work last night and today while they were at school I finished up with a little spit and polish. I still have a long list of things I could, and perhaps should, do but I am satisfied for now with the basics being done.

This afternoon I went in to the doc for a check up on the recovery of my missing appendage and though he was pleased with the lack of infection and supposed healing, he referred me to plastic surgery.  He said the pain is called phantom pain like that experienced by amputees.  I am not really an amputee because I only lost the top 1/8" or so of my pinky but because it was completely cut off my nerves think I am an amputee.  He warned me that the pain can become excruciating as the nerves try to heal themselves.  He wrote me a prescription for painkiller. :-(

The good news is that he also said that I could surf again! I have to protect the pinky keeping it wrapped and perhaps wearing a water glove of some sort.  I also have to clean it thoroughly making sure that there is no sand or other stuff that sneaks into the bandages. This made me very happy because we are planning on spending Thanksgiving  . . . yep, surfing!

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