Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Month's Worth of Shopping, I Hope

Yesterday I took Cora into town for another orthodontist appointment. (By "in town" I do not really mean the technical "in town" meaning Honolulu.  When I say "in town" I mean anything out of "the country", or rather, on the other side of the Koolauloa Mtns.) In an effort to minimize travel, save time and money, I also did all my in-town shopping.  Hopefully it will be enough to last me until her next appointment December 20th. Hopefully.

Cora and I made four stops yesterday after her check-up.  First we visited Longs Drugs where I SCORED BIG! They had a lot of Thanksgiving items on sale and I had 13 coupons! Yeah! That's the most coupons I've used on one shopping trip in 6 months! Between the sale and the coupons I saved $64 and spent $68.70.  Can I get a woohoo?!

Here are some of the "can't pass up" deals:

Jello 2/$1
4# C&H Sugar$2.50 - .25 coupon from newspaper
Spam $2.09-.55 printable coupon
5# Gold Medal Flour $2.19-.25 printable coupon
1# Pasta noodles .79
Great Lash Mascara $3.71-$1 printable coupon

There were other great deals too but I won't bore you with all the details. I also spent some time at Walmart and at Costco spending $221 and $333 respectively.  Not all of those items were grocery related.  I had some first aid to purchase for my cut and burnt pinky and Cora's deck burn (she was running away from a bee on Monday, slipped on a piece of paper and went sliding across the textured lanai decking scraping her elbow, chest and hip.Ouch.). They are specialty supplies that I don't usually keep on hand in my first aid kits so I am categorizing them as a medical expense.  I also got some fertilizer, potting soil, pots, some plant starts, insecticide and fertilizer.  Those are gardening expenses that I am tracking separately from my grocery budget. The rubber slippahs and new white polo for Dave are classified under clothing. I also bought two movies categorized in the entertainment section of the budget. Those extras totaled $109 so my groceries, including toiletries, cleaners and everyday use items, were about $514. I will have to purchase more milk, eggs and some fresh produce locally before I go into town again.

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  1. With that spam you have to make the local meal of Rice Spam and EGGs. You chop up the spam into small cubes and then cook the rice then scramble up the eggs and once the rice is done, mix it all together and add a little soy sauce and oil and you can also chop up some green onions to add to it and mix it all together in a large bowl and serve, my kids love it!


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